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SSBBW giantess in the city, part 1

By Saturnguy (commission for kurt-the-Murt)

SCAT WARNING if you are not a fan of such, then this story is probably not you cup of tea.

The south-Floridian city of Southopolis was a fairly new metropolitan area that had already gained much fame and recognition for it's Metrodome, a massive stadium that could seat nearly 5000. Many of the residents were sports fans, so every game, no matter what the sport, people would flock to the Metrodome. Among the city's nearly one million people was perhaps one of the largest women in the country: 27 year-old Sabrina O'Connell.

Weighing in at nearly 600 pounds, Sabrina was a gargantuan girl. Her thighs and ass were simply enormous, her butt being close to five feet in width, and her giant belly stuck out in a mighty buldge. Her breasts were nearly the size of beach balls, and her thick fat cascaded over most of her body. Sabrina spent most of her days naked in bed eating, and watching tv, and having inherited a fortune from her aunt, she was able to hire caretakers to help bath her, which was rare as sometimes her stench (from her ass in particular) would make the caretakers either faint or puke.

Sabrina licked her fingers clean after just ingesting a platter of 150 spicy hot chicken wings. "mmmm I love it spicy" she giggled. "But the resulting dump I take from eating this will probably destroy my toilet…again." She made a mental note to order herself a new toilet for later that day. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. "Come innnn!!!" Sabrina hollered. One of her caretakers stumbled into her room, her face visibly contorting as she inhaled the stench of Sabrina's room, which was tainted with the ssbbw's many daily farts and craps. "Good morning miss, I have your jumbo-chocolate milkshake as you requested." The thin servant said as she handed Sabrina a giant, frothy mug of milkshake. "Mmmm yummy! Milk always gives me the shits". Sabrina laughed like a little girl, taking the mug from the caretaker. "Hmm…plus the wings I just ate…I might take the biggest shit ever!" she thought excitedly. The servant ignored her and simply walked out of the room, slightly grinning. "Sorry miss…that shrink serum I put in the shake is for you own good…itll make you a normal weight in an instant." The servant said quietly to herself.

Sabrina quickly downed the sugary-milky drink in a few gulps, then belched loudly. "Hey…I feel funny." Sabrina commented, rubbing her giant belly. Suddenly and unexpectedly, she started growing larger. Her height quickly grew, as well as everything else about her. The servant ran back into the room, terrified. "What the hell?!" she swore in anger. "That serum was supposed to make her shrink!" "Whats going on…..whee this is fun!" Sabrina laughed as she broke thought the ceiling and continued to grow. Soon, a 300 foot ssbbw stood where the house once stood. The caretaker stared up from the ruined house in disbelief, the giantess obese girl standing nude for all to see. People gazed out of their windows In disbelief. Cars stopped every where. People ran in terror. "This is so cool!" Sabrina said happily, beginning to walk around her tiny surroundings, crushing many buildings, vehicles, and people under her feet as she went along.

Suddenly, a familiar feeling hit her lower intestine. "Uh-oh…I gotta take a dump" Sabrina said in panic, holding her belly. "Damn…where do I poop if I'm THIS big?" She gazed around the city around the city until her eyes spotted a massive, bowl shaped building: The metrodome. "Looks like this is going to have to do" Sabrina said as she started walking over.

25-year old Vince Franco and his college buddies made their way to the upper floor of the metrodome. Awaiting them were perfect seats to see the much-anticipated all-girl bikini rugby state championships. Naturally, most of the fans present were male. "Yo this is gonna be sick" Vince's friend Jack commented excitedly. "I know, I can't wait to see those bitches tackle eachother and shit" Vince replied. They took their seats and looked out towards the field. Bikini clad super-model bodied girls lined up, ready to do some rather sexually-influenced tackling and playing as opposed to mere rugby.

Meanwhile, the giantess Sabrina stepped closer to her chosen toilet, aka the metrodome. She stood over the large stadium, the entire width of the open dome being just a smaller that her giant ass. The perfect toilet seat.

Back in the stadium, a giant shadow was cast over the field. The rugby teams on the ground and screamed as they saw a giant, naked ssbbw looking down at them. The audience followed their gaze and began to panic as they saw they saw Sabrina. "whoa holy shit what the fuck!" Vince cried in shock. "That's a freaken giant fat chick!" Jack gawked in disbelief.

Sabrina turned her giant behind so that it was facing the stadium. "Well, lets get this over with". She said as she started to squat down.

The crowed shrieked in terror as the giant ass descended towards the stadium. "Oh my god what the!!....!" Vince said, paralyzed by what he and everyone else saw. People began to hold their noses and cough and gag as the  strong smell of unwashed ass smothered the dome. Close and closer the butt came until it sat neatly on the dome, completely blocking out the outside.

Sabrina sat down lightly on the dome. "Ah this fits perfect….ah I gotta fart!"

PFFFFFFFFTT!!!!! A massive, earth shattering fart sounded out of the giant butthole that was suspended over the stadium. The sickening hot wind blew through the entire audience, the stink and stench filling the nostrils of all attendants. "Oh shit that smells!" Vince and his friends all choked on the gas.

"Poor people tee hee" Sabrina laughed. "That one must have stunk….Oh shit here it comes!" She said, ready to release her bowels.

Around 10% of the people in the stadium passed out due to the gas, including most of the rugby players who were right underneath the giant asshole. The light in the stadium was dim, all outside light blocked out by the titanic behind. Sabrina's fart had created a dark green haze that covered the air in dome and made is hot and humid. The smell was of rotten eggs. Many people tried to get up to run out of the exits, but found themselves to weak to get up do to breathing in the noxious-fart gas.

"Oh god its starting!" Sabrina bellowed, pushing hard. "Ow, I should never have eaten those wings OR drunk that milkshake…its like poopzilla inside of me!"

Back inside the dome, the giant asshole above the centre began to open. The beginning of the end. Suddenly, a giant torrent-waterfall of  diarrhea sprayed out and splashed down onto the rugby teams. The bikini-clad girls gagged and struggled as the liquidly shit got all over them. Those who had passed out due to the fart gas were quickly covered by the sludgy crap and those who were still conscious tried to climb to higher ground, but soon found themselves forced to tread mucky shit as the diarrhea flooded the field. The already terrible smelling air in the stadium grew 1000 times stinkier.

"Well I'm off to a good start!" Sabrina said gleefully. "Uh-oh…here comes the brunt of the wings."

The giant asshole expanded and a giant, train-sized turd began to slide out. The people in the first 20 rows screamed as the massive turd slipped out directly above them. In a loud disgusting "squelch", the multi-ton turd buried several rows of people under heavy shit. "We gotta get out of here!" Vince screamed, slowly getting up, but found the fart's paralyzing affects taking hold of him. Suddenly, 10 more turds the same size as the first all blasted out in rapid succession. Hundreds of people were quickly buried under tens of tons of disgusting, smelly crap. Vince and his friends were lucky so far as their seats were near the top.

"Well…I think the beginning is now over". Sabrina proclaimed. "The next bit….oh god its gonna be huge"
Commission for :Curt-teh-Murt:
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bluenosepit420 Featured By Owner May 8, 2015
Love it
Rickiwot Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013
id love to see where this goes haha
LostSoulMalachi Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012
Mmm~ :D Awesome!
datadrain2128 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2012
Amazing, Sir! Absolutely love it so far. I especially love the thought of a bunch of skinny models in bikinis just having their lives essentially ruined by a woman that the very sight of would make most of them sick, let alone the smell, LET ALONE her being giant and shitting all over them. X3 Keep up the good work as always!
maxego040 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013
It makes me happy when I see one great author compliments another.
Curt-teh-Murt Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2012  Student Interface Designer
this is excellent, better than I could have hoped!
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