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Muggers beware, by Saturnguy
Phil slowly opened his eyes to unfamiliar surroundings. “Where am I?” he thought to himself, rubbing an increasingly sore bump on the back of his head. It was a spacious, mostly empty room that, judging by the dimness of the light, was probably in a basement or something.  Phil sat up, puzzled at his current whereabouts. He was set atop a large, squishy, purple leather sofa that was situated in front of a large TV. Finally piecing together the turmoil that was his memory, the short, 5’4 man remembered what he had attempted to do last night: mug a woman. “ah yeah, I was trying to swipe that bitch’s purse” Phil thought to himself. The woman in question, he recalled, was some huge girl who he thought wouldn’t be able to catch him. Bad mistake. Last thing he remembered, he was making a dash towards the end of the alleyway when he felt something strike him in the head, knocking him out.

But Phil was about to get even more answers. There was a sudden thudding of footsteps sounding outside the door, drawing nearer and nearer. Phil kept fixated on the door. Who was it? Was it the woman from last night? The door opened, and in stepped the biggest woman Phil had ever seen in his life. Standing at 7’1, she had to duck just to get into the room. Her massive hips squeezed past the door frame, revealing a giant, 5-foot wide, apple-shaped booty that was stretching a pair of grey leggings to their absolute limits. Her large, pudgy, cream-colored belly poked out from underneath a white tank top, which also struggled to contain a pair of beachball sized tits. Phil gawked at the sight of her. “Ah, the piece of crap has finally awoken eh?” the woman spoke.

“My name is Nicole, and your bitch-ass tried to mug my little sister last night”. The stunned man snapped back to his regular, criminal self and stood up. “Where am I, you psycho!” Phil yelled, approaching Nicole with a fist raised. The amazon of a woman held her ground. “My little sister is the most important thing in the world to me” Nicole explained. “And for what you did to her, we’re going to make you our new cushion slave as punishment”. Phil stopped. “Cushion slave? What the fuck?”. In one swift movement, Nicole bounded towards the man in front of her. Her giant knee smashed into Phil, knocking the wind out of him and sending him flying back into the large couch behind him.

Walking over to the stunned man, Nicole smiled. “That’s the move that my sister used on you last night, knocked you right out”. Spinning around, she presented her giant ass to Phil and jumped backwards. The entire room shook as the killer buttdrop landed Nicole right on top of the seated man, the impact pushing his short body into the couch, and his face and most of his upper body into Nicole’s cavernous, leggings-covered buttcrack. Phil couldn’t move, his body squashed under over 600 pounds of angry woman. He couldn’t open his squashed lips, so he began to draw in deep breaths with his nose. His body shuddered as he sucked in a horrid smell. Nicoles’ buttcrack was rank with sweat, which was saturated into the leggings. On top of that, he ass didn’t smell very clean. Nicole laughed to herself as she grinded her colossal butt on top of her captive. “Get used to the smell down there, little man” the amazon snickered. “You’re going to be me and my sister’s butt-floss for a long time”. Grabbing a nearby remote, Nicole flicked on the TV, and put on a movie that she had on the DVR. “this move is two and a half hours, plenty of time for you and my butt to get acquainted” she said before putting it on. Phil squirmed with all his might, but he couldn’t even move the massive woman a single inch. If anything, his struggling just rode himself further up Nicole’s buttcrack. The tight confines between the amazon’s giant cheeks quickly grew unbearably hot, generating copious amounts of reeking ass sweat, which began to collect on Phil’s face. 15 minutes into the movie, and the smell was already making every breath a chore for the man buried beneath Nicole.

But just when Phil thought that it couldn’t get any worse; it did.
Leaning to the side a little bit, Nicole ripped a loud, ripe fart. Phil yelled into her ass as his already-smelly prison quickly filled with the revolting air. “phew, I nearly feel sorry for you” Nicole giggled, getting a whiff of her own noxious creation. Phil fought and pushed with all his might, now in full panic mode as he struggled intensely to free himself from Nicole’s ass. The amazon responded by further grinding her butt onto Phil, smearing the built-up ass sweat all over him. “get used to it buddy, you’re going to have to learn to take in a lot more gas” Nicole remarked.


Nicole released an entire barrage of farts this time, each one growing more and more wet. Phil wheezed through his squashed lips as he inhaled the monster gas, his sinuses burning as the stifling farts forced their way into his lungs. And to add insult to the injury, the farts remained trapped in the tight confines of Nicole’s ass far after she released them. Nicole laughed again as she leaned back to enjoy her movie. The last 2 hours was hell on earth for Phil. Nicole would fart every 5-10 minutes, ensuring that all the air that he breathed in there was her gas and her gas alone. The trapped man felt his body getting weaker and weaker as the minutes droned on, the smell getting worse every minute that went by. Finally, as the credits rolled for her movie, Nicole stood up. Phil rose with her as his body was stuck so firmly between her buttcheeks. Nicole laughed as she shook him out, causing him to land back in the massive, butt-shaped crater on the couch. His hair, his face, his entire upper-body drenched in sweat, Phil gasped at the first fresh air that he had in over 2 hours. Too weak to get off the couch, Phil was powerless to even think about escaping now.

“Being a cushion is, of course, your main function” Nicole explained. “However, since you’re such a piece of crap, Im giving you sanitation duties as well” she said, patting her large, gurgling stomach. Phil glanced at her, puzzled by what she meant by this. “I had 30 hot wings last night and 5 pints, man I feel bad for you” Nicole snickered, turning around once again. To Phil’s horror, the amazon began to yank off her leggings. Tossing the sweat rags to the floor, Nicole now stood bottom-nude with her huge, shapely, apple-shaped rear in all its glory. Phil was blown away by the sheer size of it. His nose wrinkled once again as he could smell her rank butt even from where he was. “Now, I want you to open your mouth” Nicole commanded. When Phil didn’t respond, Nicole did a swift back kick into the man’s groin. Screaming in pain, Phil’s piehole was wide open, and the amazon wasted no time slamming her massive bottom back onto his face. She felt his little head get swallowed all the way into her buttcrack, and her sweaty, dirty, putrid asshole directly on his open mouth. “right on target” Nicole giggled as she felt Phil trying desperately to close his mouth, but to no avail. “Now, I think you know whats about to come next” the sadistic amazon whispered down to her captive. Phil screamed into her ass as Nicole began push.

A massive, wet fart echoed through Phil’s mouth. The man kicked and struggled as if he was on fire, but Nicole remained firmly seated. Ignoring Phil’s retching and gagging, she pushed once again, and this time unleashed a torrent of hot, vile diarrhea into her captive’s open mouth. She smirked as her captive gurgled on her shit, gagging heavily and choking on her disgusting waste. Nicole kept pushing as more and more sloppy shit flowed from her asshole. Phil’s mouth quickly filled, and he soon found himself having to swallow Nicole’s waste to avoid choking on it. The man sobbed and retched as he was forced to swallow mouthful after mouthful of the big girl’s bowel movement.
Nicole finally stopped her shitting and rose slightly, only to rub her dirty butt across her captive’s face. “mmm toilet and toilet paper, you’re quite useful” Nicole said jokingly. Rising once again off Phil, the amazon stepped back to admire her work. She’d miraculously not gotten a speck of shit on the couch, as it was all either down Phil’s throat, or on his face.

Grabbing the man by his hair, she dragged him to the washroom and allowed him to clean his face. Phil was beyond talking now, he was to broken to protest. He just wanted to die. “Now, im going to get my sister ready for her turn with you, so I need you to go to sleep for now”.  Before he could react, Nicole shoved Phil’s head between her thighs and squeezed hard. The man’s unconscious body dropped to the ground in about 20 seconds. Nicole left his body on the washroom floor as she went upstairs to fetch her sister
To be continued…maybe
Muggers beware
Don't mug big girls, its probably not going to end well. Also I think I might be back for now so yay me!


Howdy y'all, I apologize for disappearing again. I return with a couple of ideas in mind and one of them is a story featuring the huge ssbbw, Goddess Patty. For those who don't know her, she's one of the biggest women on the net and is best know for squashing and facesitting. I thought that incorporating my usual use of flatulence with this aspect would make for a good read, so expect a story soon about her.

For those who don't know her, check out her site:

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