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Giantess shower time by saturnguy

Janelle wiped a layer of sweat from her forehead as she walked in the front door from her evening jog. Still panting from the workout, she proceeded indoors. Her clothes were wet with perspiration that made them cling to her plump, pear-shaped body. Lifting one of her arms, Janelle took a cautious sniff of her pit, her putrid BO making her cringe. “I’m defiantly in need of a shower” she thought. Making her way into the bathroom, she lid out of her soiled, sweaty clothes. Janelle paused to admire her naked form in the mirror, her sizable bust now hanging freely, her bulging belly softly jiggling, and her huge bottom glistening with sweat. Turning, she glanced down at a small cage. In it, stood a man who was no more than 5 inches in height. This was Barry, Janelle’s unfortunate, shrunken slave of the week.

Janelle had a unique ability to alter people’s sizes at will, and had a rather sadistic appetite for doing the cruelest things to her shrunken victims. She extorted shrunken men and women alike, using them for her sadistic pleasures. Barry was a new slave and Janelle thought she’d break in with shower duty. “Come to mama, little guy”. She cooed as she reached into the cage and pulled out a struggling and terrified Barry. “Please let me go!” the little man pleaded. “What are you going to do with me?” ignoring her little victim, Janelle used her free hand to turn on the tap for the shower. The warm water began to cascade over her plump figure, getting Barry wet as well. “Hey what are you…MMMPH!” Barry’s speech was suddenly cut off as his face was shoved into one of Janelle’s reeking armpits. Janelle nonchalantly began to scrub the shrunken man up and down the grimy pit, taking care to scrape off all the perspiration.

After a little while of scrubbing, she switched arms, amused as the struggling man was choking on her stench. “oh god what the fuck is wrong with you..AHH” Barry’s speech was again cut off as he was scrubbed against Janelle’s second underarm. After making sure her pits were thoroughly cleaned, Janelle began to run Barry’s body lower. She rubbed him along and around her sweaty breasts, absorbing a great deal of persperation from them. Moving lower still, she rubbed him along her belly, sadistically using his head to clean her deep, smelly belly button. Janelle smirked as she held the little man, enjoying the way he gasped and groaned at having to endure her BO. Moving him even lower, much to Barry’s horror, she began scrubbing him against her pussy. Normally a man’s fantasy, Barry instead found himself in hell as the strong stench from between Janelle’s sweaty thighs invaded his nostrils.

Janelle was all too eager to introduce Barry to her favorite part of her body; her giant rear end. Barry screamed as Janelle began to work him between her butt cheeks, and began to scrub him up and down her expansive butt crack. The musky smell of ass was far worse than any scent that Barry had to endure so far.  A sudden gurgle sounded from Janelle’s bowels. Knowing what this meant, she kept Barry pressed tightly between her butt cheeks. His nose burning at the putrid smell of ass, he wondered what was going on.  PFFFFFRRRRRRTTTTT!! Barry got his answer as Janelle released a massive blast of gas point blank on him. He choked and gagged on the rancid smell, the foul air quickly smothering his body. BRRRRTTTTF!! Another fart echoed in the shower. Laughing at Barry’s increasingly desperate struggles, Janelle finally removed the man from her butt crack and held him to her face, taking a little sniff. “Wow you reek little guy, I guess I owe you a bath” she smirked “and I know just the place”

Stepping out of the shower, Janelle walked up to her toilet. Before Barry had any idea of what was happening, Janelle released her grip and dropped him into the toilet bowel below. Splashing down, Barry gasped as struggled to the surface. Above him, Janelle tried her giant body before turning around and presenting her huge ass to the toilet. “I may as well break you in for toilet duty as well” Janelle snickered. “All my slaves must learn to love my shit, and baby im gonna give you a whole lot of it” Barry screamed as the titanic booty sat down and covered the entire bowel. Above him, a loud rumbling began and a foul stench began to fill the air. Things were about to get even “shittier”.
The end…for now!
Giantess Shower Time
Merry Christmas guys! Thought i'd submit a little story since I haven't posted anything in a while. Let me know if this is something you'd like continued.


Howdy y'all, I apologize for disappearing again. I return with a couple of ideas in mind and one of them is a story featuring the huge ssbbw, Goddess Patty. For those who don't know her, she's one of the biggest women on the net and is best know for squashing and facesitting. I thought that incorporating my usual use of flatulence with this aspect would make for a good read, so expect a story soon about her.

For those who don't know her, check out her site:

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